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The SCAP Online Program is a major improvement to our current application. The program will be delivered as a link as will monthly updates to the data - on as many PC's within your office as you need!

Here's some details:

Scap Online runs in Microsoft Access version 2007- the same version required by Orion Users.* The initial download includes a single database file and associated pdf files as a manual. There are no registry changes or changes to program files.  It even contains a link to a How-To video on Youtube.

Because the photography and property record card pdf's and other documents are stored online, the associated files are small & quick to download.(Downloads usually take less than 2 minutes)

With these changes, the user can do multi-level filters and sorts, print selected files and exports to excel in 2003 or 2007 format. The user can also see full pictures, property record cards and google maps and copy and save them to their computer.

We are building the data file from subscribing counties and hope to be complete by July 1, 2011. We think you'll be impressed. If you are a current subscriber, we should have already contacted you about data requirements. If you are interested in becoming a new subscriber, contact us and we'll provide further details. 

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