McCully & Associates
Serving Kansas County Appraisers since 1991

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McCully & Associates is a consulting firm owned by
William McCully. Having done reappraisal work in
various states across the country, he formed M&A in
1991 to meet the needs of Kansas Counties involved
in the maintenance of their real estate valuations.

Kansas has one of the most stringent and efficient
statewide programs in the country and its analytical
requirements can be daunting. By establishing
consistent procedures, software programs and
sharing information among clients, McCully &
Associates has been able to meet the needs of
County Appraisers across the state.

We work very hard to utilize technology to advance
our client's programs and improve efficiency, yet we
also realize that
appraisal is as much an art as it is a
People skills along with valuable experience
are just as important to a successful program.

Our Associates have practical experience in all
aspects of Mass Appraisal  and Ad Valorem taxation   
- from the private sector to state and local
government to the oil and gas industry



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